Term And License

A. Terms Our Blogger Template

1. Browser Compatibility

We try to make the templates compatible with most user browsers such as : Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari. This guarantee does not cover text-based browsers, screen readers, hand-held or outdated browsers, or any requested special effects that we have advised against.

2. Updating

In the case of unforeseen events, the templates maybe can not works well such as error of JavaScript code. We try to make an updates and resolve the problem but this is not for all templates

3. Unforeseen Events

In the case of Google/Blogger TOS, we are not responsible if your blog removed by Google when you use our template

B. Blogger Template License

1. Free Blogger Template

  • Our free Blogger templates is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License, which permits both personal and commercial use. However, to satisfy the 'attribution' clause of the license, you are required to keep the footer links which provides due credit to its authors and supporters. For more specific details about the license, you may visit the URL : https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
  • You can not sell our template
  • Purchasing License : You can remove the credit footer link by purchasing a license via Paypal. I't s only $7,99.
    Click here to buy the license. However, after purchased the license, the template license turns to Premium License

2. Premium Blogger Template

  • Can be used both of personal and commercial blog
  • Install single/multiple your own blogs
  • Allowed to remove credit link
  • Custom as you want
  • However, YOU CAN NOT :
    1. Resale the template
    2. Share the template as free
    3. Bundle with other products

C. Support & Help

We full support for Premium Version. This support include installation and small custom. But i can't explain more details What is a small custom?? Which part is it??.
Do no hesitate to contact us. I will try to best within 24 hours.

Thank you