Google Adsense Link Ads Are Being Retired

google adsense link ads being retired

Yesterday I received email from Google Adsense about retiring Google adsense link ads. Here is the email (copied from the email)

Retiring link ads

We've decided to retire link ads. This is in order to modernise our available ad formats, based on the feedback from users, publishers and advertisers. In the future, we’ll be focussing on improving and developing other ad formats to help you grow.

What does this mean?

From 10-03-2021:

  • You will no longer be able to create link ad units.
  • Your link ad units will be renamed with [previously link ad unit] added to the end of the ad unit name. This will apply to both responsive and fixed-size link ad units.
  • Responsive link ads will begin to serve display ad units on your site(s).
  • Fixed-size link ads will stop serving on your site(s).We will collapse each ad unit where possible. In other cases we will show a blank ad.

Your earnings

Our experiments show that, for the vast majority of publishers, responsive display ads can perform as well as link ads. We are constantly optimising responsive display ads to maximise performance. You will be able to monitor the performance of your link units through the ad units report to compare performance before and after.

What to do next?

There is no action required from you in relation to your responsive link ads as these will begin to serve display ads from 10-03-2021.

We recommend that you remove the fixed-size link ad units from your site and try out the following ad formats instead:

  • You can let Auto ads scan your site and automatically place ads where they’re likely to perform well.
  • Display ads work well anywhere on your site.
  • For a customised ad experience, you could try native ads.
  • If your site is eligible for Matched content, you can replace your link ad units with a customisable Matched content ad unit.

Useful links

Responsive display ads

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