How To Fix Error Post In Featured Post By Label

How To Fix Error Post In Featured Post By Label

There are many template styles. Photo style, personal or magazine style template. If you use a Blogger template that support featured posts by label and found the post not appear or the image has a differet size, you might check the image size format code. I knew this problem from my client who request personal Blogger template.

After problem solved, I try with my dummy blog. And this is sample error featured posts by label from Proin Mag Blogger template. No posts under Creative label.

blogger template featured post by label

Image Size Format Code

Let says you already uploaded the image via HTML view or Compose view. You will get image code something like this:

See red color s1600. It can be s640, s480, s320, or others

fix error featured post blogger template

With new dashboard interface, basically format size still same, but if you want to change to different size (except Original size) via Compose view, you will get a different format code. Image size format code become like this:

See red color w640-h360. it not exactly w640-h360. just a sample size

With new format code, if that post set as a featured post, it will not work. You must fix it first. You just need to change the format code.

If you want to change via HTML view, just change from w640-h360 (from code above) to s1600, s640, or anything as long as Sxxx.

And for Compose view, make sure choose Original size.


This error happened for new post that created with new interface dashboard and image size has format code like Wxxx-Hxxx (sample above w640-h360).

If you have many images, make sure one of them use a format code
Sxxx instead Wxxx-Hxxx.

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