Google Adsense Auto Ads - Action Needed To Set Up The Upgraded

A few days ago, I received email from Google Adsense about Auto Ads. Here is the email.Google Adsense Auto Ads

We've developed a new version of Auto ads that gives you greater ability to customise the Auto ads experience for your users.

Depending on how you use Auto ads, we'll try to closely match your current Auto ads settings. If we can't do this, you'll see a notification in your AdSense home page. If there's no notification, you don’t need to take any action.

What's changing?

  • Auto ads now work through any ad code If you've turned on Auto ads for a site or a portion of your site, even pages that only contain regular ad units will start showing Auto ads on that page automatically.
    If there are specific pages you don't want Auto ads on, you can add those URLs to your Page exclusions. For example, you can turn off Auto ads on your home page or entire sections of your site.
  • Ads > Overview shows you a summary of your Auto ads settings for each of your sites.
  • Ad settings preview shows you how Auto ads will look on your site before they go live. When you make changes to your Auto ads settings, it can take up to an hour to apply on your site.
    Placement exclusions allow you to delete specific ad placements inside the preview using the “delete” icon. Auto ads will immediately generate a placement in a new location for you to review.
  • Ad formats help you specify the types of ads that Auto ads places on your site.
    Matched content allows content recommendations from your site combined with ads to be shown to your users.
  • Auto ads dynamically adjusts the number of ads in proportion to the length of each page. Ad load helps you control the number of ads you'd like to show on your pages.
  • We've updated reporting so that you can see Auto ads and manual ad unit performance side by side for each of your sites.
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  • Please note that you had the "See how Auto ads can boost your revenue" lab enabled in your account. This lab has now been graduated, and we've applied the appropriate settings to Auto ads for all your traffic.

Overall, if you add Adsense auto ads code in your blog, Google will automatically show ads in all the best places. For more information click here.
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