Now Providing Free Trial Products and Monthly Subscriptions for Database Consumers™ is a company that provides sales leads, mailing lists, and databases to business customers. The company offers a wide assortment of targeted products designed to help businesses reach a broader audience. The company also publishes a blog with many different topics that are useful to businesses. In a recent post, the team offers information that sets realistic expectations for their products. Another recent blog post offers information about how to utilize their products more effectively to increase sales. This article will address some of these concerns, as well as provide some basic information about the company and the services it offers. product database customers for for any business

A concern for any business that purchases targeted sales leads and marketing lists is the accuracy of the information received. While it's unrealistic to expect 100 percent accuracy, there's always an expectation that the information being purchased is reasonably accurate. To address this, has published the verified accuracy rate for many of their databases. The company asserts that an overall accuracy rate of 90 percent has been verified. This is broken down further on the website by offering specific database accuracy rates.

The company also asserts that it has the most accurate databases in the business. It offers some of the most comprehensive information, which is helpful in targeting very specific demographics. New homeowners, small business listings, governmental agencies, and more are all offered by the company. It also offers access to real-time databases, which are regularly updated. This service and many others are offered as a monthly subscription. The real-time database service is valuable to businesses that need to track customer and business movement to conduct business effectively. There are also many queries that the company offers as add-on services. An example of this is verified addresses matched to USPS records and social media account information. also offers triple-matched databases for business listings and scrubbed leads against the Do Not Call list for U.S. consumers. This is another point of contention where the company asserts that not every piece of information can be verified or guaranteed to be accurate. is doing a good job of handling. While there should be expectations that the company will provide reliable data, demographics are constantly shifting.

The company's blog post offering sales tips provides its customers with tips on how to maximize the return on investment of the products they've purchased. The company has added a free customer relationship management product to add value to its products. While the sales tips are helpful, they're somewhat elementary for the average and knowledgeable marketer. Engaging customers using a variety of methods is the overwhelming sentiment of the tips offered.

In an intelligent move to attract more customers, the company offers monthly subscriptions providing a variety of services at a reasonable price. As small businesses are often looking to grow their business but are on limited budgets, the company has found a solution that's beneficial to everyone. It'll be interesting to see the accuracy rates over the long haul. At one point, they were reported by a subsidiary to be at 95 percent. While this would most likely be an average that affects any list or database broker across the board, this information would require a significant amount of analysis. Consumer trends and the economy will most likely dictate the future of data sales in the U.S.
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