Millennials and Direct Mail: How to Reach the Younger Audience

Although the media paints millennials as constantly attached to their phones, they are more complex characters than that. For example, millennials attest that they prefer to receive a piece of direct mail compared to an email or social media invite. Direct mail pieces are not nearly as expensive as many other types of marketing campaigns. Paying to get the message out in this way means that you don't necessarily have to spend as much on digital formats. Millennials appreciate getting the mail and you will appreciate that you did not have to shell out nearly as much money as you otherwise might have.ALT_GAMBAR

Younger people find it fun and rewarding to scan through every piece of mail that they receive to figure out exactly what came in that day. It might just turn out that they receive something they have been looking for or some other pleasant surprise that they didn't know to expect. It is amazing to see that the response rates for this group is quite a bit higher than with other groups. The fact is that most young people will at least look at all the mail, rather than simply discarding it as soon as it gets into their hands. That is critically important, as it means that they are apt to view your materials more than some other generations would. Your dollars in advertising are going further with each person who takes the time to review your materials. For help in selecting and buying mailing lists and direct mail information, go to’s website. They are the experts in direct marketing.

There is nothing stopping you from using direct mailing as a stepping stone towards other methods of reaching out to people. A lot of businesses are making the choice to use both direct mail marketing and email lists to reach out to as many people as they possibly can. With this approach, a company may be giving up on some of the individuals that they could have reached through digital means in an effort to try to gain favor from some who can be reached through direct mail.

The results are in when it comes to how millennials feel about companies that send them direct mail. They say that they wish that more local businesses would send them these kinds of materials. The main reason they desire this is because they know that if they were to receive mail from local businesses, they could figure out some great places to spend their money and be entertained.

National brands are already utilizing email marketing and making major changes to the email game. Young people receive tons of messages from national brands on a daily basis. It is really to the point of being annoying to most of them. What they are really interested in is seeing what local companies have to offer that could potentially be more rewarding and more interesting to them. Local companies do not necessarily have the budget to spend huge dollars on internet campaigns in the first place. They need to focus in on converting individuals in their own community into new customers. This is a process that takes time but is completely worth it. Local businesses rely completely on the community around them to see them through. With that in mind, it is important to think through every possible advertising scenario so as to narrow down which ones you will actually participate in.
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