3 Reasons Why Your Blog Isn't Working

A lot of people still naively think that just because they create a blog and throw a few pieces of content on there, their site will eventually gain traction. The truth is that making a blog profitable is no simple task and demands a lot of effort. Many causes may be at the root of your blog's problem, and it's important that you take a closer look at it to see where you might've gone wrong. Here are some of the possible reasons your blog isn't working.3 Reasons Why Your Blog Isn't Working

Poor Marketing

Even the best content in the word won't spread itself without some effort. While some may have a 'build it and they'll come' mentality, others just do the strict minimum. Just tweeting your new blog posts to your subscribers isn't enough. You'll have to go out there and hustle if you really want your blog to get noticed.

Try to build relationships with bloggers around your field. Don't be afraid of competition and try to look for cross promotion opportunities. Have some of your posts featured in big blogs in your niche. Try to come up with a viral campaign or manual that will give your blog more visibility. Anything you can do to set your blog apart and in front of the right set eyes will help.

You Don't Have a Clear Niche or Audience

If you try to be everything to everybody, chances are your blog won't stick with your audience. Calling your blog a "lifestyle" blog so that you can post about anything and everything is a surefire way to make your blog forgettable.

The way to go is to become an expert and authority in your niche, no matter how small it is. Try to narrow down your niche as much as you can and create content centered around it. You'll be able to add some more categories later, but only when you've established yourself as a reputable source.

Your Content isn't Cutting it

Other people get a lot of visitors, but none of them seem to stick. They either come in and bounce right back out or bounce out after one or two page views.

While other factors like site layout and design may be the cause, often it's the quality of the content that isn't up to par. Maybe your posts are too blatantly promotional and self-serving. Instead, you should be focusing on your audience first and foremost. What problems do they have? What really matters to them? That's what your content should ultimately be focused around.

You also have to find your voice as well. Some prefer a straight to the point more professional approach, while others might prefer a more personal tone. It all depends on your product and audience, but the main thing you should be worrying about is providing quality information. When it comes to blog content, substance trump's style every time.

If you're struggling with coming up with good content, you could always work with a good content provider. Services like Your Content Shop, for instance, will come up with highly optimized blog posts tailormade for your niche and will also evaluate your current content so you can make the proper modifications and turn your blog around.

These are just some of the possible reasons why your blog might be underperforming. Now that you know them, you'll be able to make the proper adjustments and improve your blog's visibility and profitability.
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