Why Blogging About a Hobby Can Be Useful as Well as Fun

In 2013, there were approximately 152 million blogs on the internet. Five years later, we can confidently assume that figure has drastically increased since then, as Tumblr now has 392 million blogs on its platform alone. Why Blogging About a Hobby Can Be Useful as Well as Fun

Tell it to the World

People mostly blog because they have something to say. They blog about their hobbies, their political interests, their pets and their businesses. Blogging is fun, but what you might not realize is that blogging about your interests and passions can be more than fun – and here's why.

Popular blogs attract a lot of visitors, often in the tens of thousands per day. Of course, most bloggers don’t reach these heady heights of success, but unless you have monetized your blog, you don’t need to. Success isn’t always measured in monetary terms. How you personally define success depends on what your blogging goals are.

Blogging for a Purpose

Let’s imagine that you want a well-paid career in business, but your passion is soccer. You love to play soccer in your spare time, but university beckons and you know you’re not going to make it as a pro soccer player. The problem is that you can’t afford the fees and you are not keen to rack up a huge debt to earn a degree, so you are seriously considering applying for a sports scholarship at a top university. The good news is that keeping a blog could actually help you achieve your goal.

The best blogs are written by people who are passionate about what they do. Nobody wants to read an article penned by a writer who knows very little about their subject or clearly doesn’t give a hoot. If you love soccer, you are the best person to write blogs on the subject. Not only can you offer insights into your learning journey, but you can discuss news, give your readers some useful tips, and post videos of you in action. This type of well-rounded blog is likely to draw in readers who want more information about soccer or to share their own love of the game (via blog comments).

Building a Successful Blog

The more successful your blog becomes, the better it does in the SERPs. Not only could this help you earn money if you choose to sign up for affiliate marketing or Google Ads, but you could also use your blog as a marketing tool if you are trying to win a scholarship to a top US college.

The more time and effort you put into your blog, the easier it is for you to stand out from the hundreds of other students hoping to win USA scholarships. Coaches will look at your blog, watch your videos, and see how much passion you have for the sport. They want people like you on their team, so it’s a dead cert that you’ll be offered a scholarship place.

Whilst blogging for fun is always recommended, remember that blogging can also be useful, so pay attention to SEO and keep your blog regularly updated with high-quality content.
  1. You write right. Today, Many people try to be blogger by doing something same thing. Blogging on Hobby related topic is good. This can create good and trustful contents. But everyone trying to earn as soon as possible and then they start to something that they don't know themself and other things that they don't like.

    Everyone, who is not a real blogger, tells about Blogging tricks tips and F*cking SEO. Nobody teach other about choosing own Hobby topic for blog. like Fashion, Technology, Food, Research, Beauty, Inventions, And related to person topic for blog.

    what I mean here is - Good Blog on Internet, Don't Force people to watch/see Ads & Ads. And One Blog only for One Topic.