How To Make A Great Gaming Website

With games becoming increasingly large and complex, it is difficult to keep track of every intricate detail and mechanic, especially when there are constant updates pending. This is why gaming communities often come together to create websites where their favorite games can be discussed and strategies shared.

This is great for a variety of reasons. You're promoting the game and encouraging the community to get together while potentially bringing in newcomers and helping them learn the ropes. But setting up an effective website dedicated to your favorite game can be difficult. Popular hubs such as Wikia and took years to get to where they are today, but that hard work does pay off in the end.How To Make A Great Gaming Website

Give Your Community A Voice

Gamers love to share their thoughts, ideas, tips, and tricks regarding their favorite game. Simply running a blog, which only has content added by yourself or other writers won’t suffice. At the very least, include a comments section at the bottom that doesn’t require sign-ups through other websites (for the sake of not being tedious) and stop spammers from implementing a Captcha system.

If you have the time and resources, take it a step further and implement a whole forum with sections dedicated to each aspect of the game. This way players can create their own discussions and potentially provide insightful opinions that could be noticed by the game developers, resulting in improvements in the game.

Make It Pretty

A common mistake that most web developers make when designing gaming websites, is that they adhere to a rather generic utilitarian website theme. Statistics prove that well-designed websites give their visitors all the more reason to come back, sign-up, interact, and overall feel more compelled to use the site again.

Take a look at some of the best-designed blogs out there and develop your own theme that is not only attractive but also synonymous with the game or games your site is dedicated to. Include some of the concept art in the background or utilize its fonts for example. This will make players feel more at home when they visit your site.

Ensure It Runs Smoothly

If you see your website getting bigger and more popular in the future, there’s no point in skimping on resources. Ensure that your site is running on a good hosting platform with as little downtime and as much bandwidth as possible. In the same light, don’t waste time on cheap website builders that’ll only cause you headaches in the future.

Set yourself up with a reputable service such as WordPress or Wix and purchase a theme that works with every aspect of your website. If you aren’t constrained by a small budget, consider hiring a web developer to create a custom theme so that your website can stand out. Also, ensure that the domain you choose is short and easy to remember.


If you’ve found a game that lacks a dedicated website or community hub, you’ll be doing the developers and players a huge favor by creating a website where everyone involved can congregate and discuss their favorite game.
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