From Email to Live Chat: What Customer Service Should Your Blog Offer?

Customer service is a cornerstone of any business' success. Without a prompt, friendly and effective way to assist current and prospective customers alike, your sales will likely take a hit (not to mention your positive feedback and reviews). This is the primary motivation behind businesses aiming to please when it comes to customer service. Despite all of this, it isn't feasible for most brands to offer every form of customer service imaginable, so which services should your blog actually provide? Today, we'll discuss which forms of customer service work well for a blog-type setting and help you pursue the best strategy chat - customer service should your blog offer

Multi-Channel Messaging

One of the biggest limitations of customer service historically has been the ability to keep tabs on inquiries across a variety of channels. From email to social media, juggling all of these elements is stressful stuff. Thankfully, the invention of serverless bots and multi-channel messaging has made these worries a thing of the past. You can now use one platform for fielding all basic inquiries across every channel or platform.

Whether somebody has a question on Facebook, Twitter or elsewhere, you can field a response in real time through the bot. This is perfect for dealing with inquiries when you're away, asleep or just don't feel like crafting unique responses for every inquiry. While in some cases you'll need to follow-up personally, these solutions can help reduce some of the grunt work and frustration on both ends of the interaction.

Phone Solutions

Especially useful if you're selling a product or service, clarification via live conversation is sometimes the best way to close the deal. Whether you're providing customers with a walkthrough on how to use a product or handling a returns claim, being able to provide your visitors with phone-based services makes a huge and positive impression.

Many blogs struggle with their audiences in part because they do not offer prerequisite services that provide customers with a sense of professionalism and authority. If you're able to provide phone-based services – whether it is a line to you or to a professional call center – you'll mitigate some of those concerns alongside improving customer service.

Live Chat Options

Let's be honest: it's sometimes great to talk to a human being, but not necessarily in absolute real time. We've all had moments where we want to ask questions and get help, but not necessarily get on the phone and talk to somebody. Live chat is one of the easiest ways to balance these customer concerns while also factoring in the cost and time investment on your end.

When your blog offers live chat customer service, you're able to field legitimate questions regardless of the time of day, and can generate many potential leads with which to follow up as a result. If you are able to proactively catch somebody who is on the fence while they're still on your website, you have a much better chance of closing the deal on any sale or subscription.

If you are ready to improve your customer service offerings, then there are plenty of ways to do so. You want to make the process as easy for both the customer and yourself as possible. Through the use of outsourced live chat, 24/7 phone based support and/or multi-channel messaging, you can streamline any customer service strategy, appease your audiences and ensure smooth operations.
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