Why a Logo is Essential If You Want to Grow Your Blog

While running a blog is fun and exciting, ultimately you want it to be a self-sustaining enterprise. There's no one thing that will pull your blog together and make it a successful, but on the list of important factors having a good logo is near the top.

Designing the right logo for your blog can be a significant investment of time and money however. So it's not enough to simply say that you need to have a logo. So let's look at some of the most important reasons your blog will grow with a log's help.Why a Logo is Essential If You Want  to Grow Your Blog

First Impressions Count

This is perhaps the most obvious one, but a good custom logo tells your audience that you're taking the blog seriously. It's not just something that you started doing on a whim. We associate professional logos with professional brands, it's as simple as that. First impressions are formed quickly and take a long time to change, your logo is the one chance you get to make a good one.

A Logo is Worth 1000 Words

Logos are all about nonverbal communication. There's a wealth of information packed into the confines of that one little image. Everything about a logo communicates something to your audience. The size, color, shape and font can instantly tell someone what type of blog they're visiting.

If your logo accurately represents the content of your blog it means that people will know they're going to like it before reading even a single article. Getting your foot in the door is one of the hardest steps in converting someone into a patron and a logo goes a long way to easing that process.

Research has shown that logos which effectively communicate the values and identity of a product or company have a significant effect on the growth and success of that brand.

Logos Stand Out in a Crowd

A logo is the business equivalent of a face. If everyone had the same face it would be difficult to find a person you like again. Having a distinctive or attractive face also draws the attention of others.

In an industry where everyone is fighting for the audience's attention you can't afford to be a wallflower. One of the most important functions of a logo is getting people to grab attention. Once you've grabbed the attention it's the job of your content to hold onto it.

Just having a blog title in Times New Roman won't making anyone stop for a look. There's a reason even large brands frequently refresh their logo designs.

Logos are Advertisements

“It pays to advertise” the saying goes. A well-designed logo is also your most basic form of advertisement. It gives you something to stamp your brand on other things. Putting your mark on things like pictures, videos, clothing and anything else you want associated with your blog simultaneously unifies the different aspects of your blogging business and makes people aware of your existence.

A Sign of the Times

Logos are are essential for blog growth for more reasons than listed here, but let's recap the reasons listed here:
  • They can make a great first impression
  • Logos tell your audiences a lot about you quickly
  • You can differentiate yourself from the competition
  • They form the core of your marketing

Remember that a good logo is just one component in your overall marketing strategy. Being an effective blogger is more than just having the right look and feel. Be sure to check out our tips on becoming a more effective blogger.
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