Starting a Blog for the School You Work For

If you work as a teacher, assistant or administrator at a school, then it can be a really good idea to start a blog for your school to help show the local community all the good things your school is doing, and give parents somewhere to look for news. Your blog can be a great place to share the achievements of your school and its children, and also a good place to inform people about any fundraising you are doing, for example by writing about upcoming fundraising events like fairs or school plays, or to sell school merchandise like the custom pupil designed Christmas cards you can have made at a Blog for the School You Work For

If you are interested in starting a blog but don't know how to get started, here are some tips on what to write and how to get people involved:

1. Attach Your Blog to Your School's Website

Most schools already have a website, but not necessarily a blog. It can be very easy to add your blog as a new section of the school site, so there are the usual static pages with contact information and basic details, and then all the great new content that comes as part of the blog in its own area people who have an interest in the school can bookmark and come back to for the latest news. This is a much better way to add time limited posts like news or updates about things like upcoming events, or even things that happen like the school being closed for a snow day!

2. Decide Who Will Post

It is best if one member of staff manages the blog, but you can get as many people as you want involved in writing it – the more interesting content you have, the better. Having a regular slot where a member of the PTA or the school governor posts something can be a good idea, as well as the head, and you can even put together a group of pupils who could write posts for the blog as projects, in the style of a school newspaper. This can be a great educational task for them and also make the blog more interesting for parents and other friends of the school!

3. Start a Twitter Account

As well as the blog, it can be a good idea to get your school on Twitter at the same time. This will allow you to tweet out new blog posts when you publish them, so parents and other members of the community can follow you and see when there is something new for them to read. It can be a good way of sharing quick or small news easily too, and parents who follow you will be able to see your tweets wherever they are using their smartphones.

Having a school blog can be fun for the people involved in writing and running it, and a great source of information that can also help parents feel more engaged with the school and its activities.
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