How to Create a Killer Email Call to Action

It is all very well building up your email list, but if no-one is actually opening your marketing emails and clicking on the links inside then it all becomes a bit of a pointless effort. The key to ensuring that your emails are not ignored is creating a killer call to action.How to Create a Killer Email Call to Action

Is Email Marketing Still Viable?

You have heard some people say that email marketing is no longer a viable option and it is true that it can be a little hit and miss at times. However, if you are willing to put in the time and effort to do it properly then email marketing can be a great way to reach out to potential customers, especially if you are looking to encourage return business. That is why learning how to create a call to action that really works is so important.

Creating Your Call to Action

Statistics show that on average, a single user will send and receive around 112 emails every day. That's a lot of email, so you need to make sure that yours is going to stand out and convert those readers into customers. These tips can help you to create a call to action that will do just that :
  • Choose Strong Command Verbs
    You don't have time to beat around the bush. The average CTA is only 35 characters long, so word choice is important. It is recommended that you choose a strong command verb and place it at the start of your CTA. For example, in a retail situation you will start with the word 'buy', but if you are looking to promote your newsletter or blog you might start with 'subscribe'.
  • Use Evocative Word Choices
    Just to reiterate – the words that you choose are very important. You will want to elicit a response from your reader. If your CTA shows excitement then they are going to be excited too and that is going to prompt them to take action. Combine your strong command verb with an evocative statement and finish up with an exclamation point to drive it home! A great example would be 'But now and get 75% off!'.
  • Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)
    One tactic that all of the most successful marketers use is FOMO which stands for 'Fear of Missing Out'. Nobody wants to miss out on that massive limited time discount. CTAs that add urgency are very successful. For example if you have a flash sale going on then you might use 'Buy Now. 75% Off Must End Midnight Tonight!'.
  • It's A Numbers Game
    Consumers are known for responding well to numbers. It could be numbers relating to pricing, a discount or the number of promotions you will sell of a limited edition. Whatever the number relates to it will appeal to your customers so use numbers wherever possible.

These tips will help you to create better call to actions that are going to encourage the people on your email list to click on your links. It will take practice and you will definitely want to use A/B testing to see which combinations perform best, but before long you will be creating your own killer call to actions.

Charles Dearing has been writing for a variety of business and marketing blogs, including Patient Sites, for several years. He has a substantial amount of experience working in marketing and most of his writing focuses on that area of business.
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