The 5 Best Ways to Start Your Digital Marketing Campaign

In this digital age, it seems obvious that digital marketing is the perfect way to market your business, and its use varies from best edge medical marketing to model railway marketing. Most people can use digital marketing in some way, but what is the best approach to it. After all, there are more ways to use the internet to market a company now than ever before. Here are the most popular ways to use marketing on the internet to encourage people to use your business.Best Ways to Start Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Affiliate Marketing

A simple but effective way to market your company is to use another business to do it for you. Affiliate marketing allows you to advertise on another company’s website. This is a low cost way to start some digital marketing, though you will need to pay the host site a percentage of your profit in return for being allowed on their website. Depending on your affiliate, you could see a tremendous return, and could eventually even host others on your website.


SEO is an important part of any digital marketing strategy, but is not one that the customers actually meet face to face. SEO is the way that your business’ website will be found on an internet search. A good SEO strategy will see you rank highly, but without one, it is hit and miss as to whether you will be seen at all.

Social Media

Social media is a way to engage with customers to try and build a trust that will be passed on to other users through likes and links to your site. This is an ever expanding marketing opportunity, which is shown in the figures from, which shows that 73% of the U.S. population has a social media profile. That is a huge potential customer base for any company.

Banner Advertising

Also known as Display advertising, this is a form of advertising that you will see every day on the sites you visit (even if you pay little attention). A graphic display is shown on a web page, email, or messaging application, and will simply sit there waiting to be clicked. The placing of these advertisements is vital, and that is why you will see adverts for travel insurance sitting on a webpage about skiing, or an advert for slimming pills on a dating page. More often a simple display, these adverts can also come in the form of audio or video clips or a short animation. Not only will they (hopefully) bring you new custom, they are also a great way for your business to become a more visible presence on the net


E-mail marketing is a very hit and miss affair that needs a lot more research than you may imagine. Firstly, you will need a database of email addresses to work with, and though you may want to write your own marketing email, it will need to be constructed in such a way as to encourage reading rather than a quick delete. There is also the problem that people receive many emails these days, and that even those that circumvent the spam folder will be discarded without reading. However, this type of marketing does work, and is a brilliant way to encourage return business from customers you already have.

An eclectic approach to digital marketing is probably the best idea, and some of these ideas will be better suited to a specific need, such as marketing at low cost, than others. The truth is, you are probably better off consulting a specialist and taking it from there, but at least you can now go for your consultation with some digital marketing knowledge under your belt.
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