Four Forgotten Offline Marketing Techniques That Still Work

Contrary to popular belief, offline marketing is still a viable tool for attracting new customers. Even if your business is purely based on the internet, offline marketing strategies can help you to generate new leads, and increase sales. So, whether you run a blog, an e-commerce store, or an online service company, keep reading for a list of four offline marketing techniques that you can utilise to get ahead of the competition.Four Forgotten Offline Marketing Techniques That Still Work

Business Cards

There's something really tangible about having a snazzy business card with your name on it, and it's one offline marketing avenue that can really pay off. Let's say, for example, that you work in SEO, and you regularly talk at conferences. After the conference, you can pass your business card out to those who were impressed by your talk. Being able to simply hand out a card will save you a lot of time as opposed to waiting for someone to input your number into their phone, and it can be an ideal way to get people to remember you. Of course, you can hand out business cards pretty much anywhere – leave them with your tip in a restaurant, leave them in clear view on public transport, or place them in library books that are relevant to your business, for example.

Leaflets and Flyers

Leaflets and flyers have been around for decades, and there's a reason for that: they work! However, now most marketers have started using the internet, you might find that there is a significant opening in your area for this kind of marketing. Leaflets and flyers can be printed in a variety of sizes (take a look at for some examples), and can be used to market literally anything. You could hire someone to deliver them to homes in your area, or be a bit more creative. Consider placing them on car windscreens, for example, or placing them in your local newspaper. You can even hire a company to deliver leaflets to a particular demographic – the options are endless.

Cold Calling

Cold calling is one task that a lot of people hate doing, however, when done correctly, it can generate lots of leads for your business. Before you even think about picking up the phone, however, you need to have a carefully crafted sales plan in place. Think about what you are selling and how it can be of benefit to the person on the other end of the phone. Your call needs to be sales focused yet conversational, so it may be worth hiring a professional salesperson to do this for you if you don't feel your personality suits the position. You may also want to consider who you are calling – ideally you want to phone people who may be interested in your product, so make sure to do your research carefully beforehand.


With many communities and organisations trying to cut costs, there are lots of people out there looking for sponsorship. Whether it's a children's football team, a charity, or a school system, there are lots of groups that need money, and in return will help you to increase your marketing reach. If you don't want to sign on to give a regular donation, you could also look into sponsoring an event. Corporate sponsorship could help to cement you as an expert in your field, whilst charity sponsorship can help improve your reputation in your local community. Once you have decided to sponsor an organisation or an event, make sure that your logo is printed on publicity material. This way, you will maximise exposure.

Whilst the internet is certainly a great place to run a marketing campaign, it should be used in conjunction with offline techniques for the best results.
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