Responsive Google Adsense - Good News

Google Adsense now support responsive webdesign. The latest update ad code privacy allows you to modify Adsense ad code to make work with responsive design.

This is a good news for Google Adsense publisher and one of the largest publisher wants/needs but you should modify by you because Google won't do it for you.Responsive Google Adsense - Good News

Acceptable modification Adsense Code

  • Responsive design
  • A/B testing
  • Setting custom channels dynamically
  • Ad tag minification


Google Adsense now support full responsive
  1. how do you modify...?

  2. Anonymous11/28/2013

    Menarik sekali

  3. Very Nice Post , My Blog Adsense :)

  4. Iya..gmn caranya modifikasinya?