Information Specialists Needed: How Your Web Skills Can Be Used in Other Fields

University of Cincinnati Health Information Management Program

Almost every field of work today depends on good information management. Any occupation, from sales to nursing, relies on information as part of everyday workflows. A lot of industries are also taking information management seriously, which is why top names such as the University of Cincinnati are now making new information management-related programs available. You can, for instance, pursue an online health information management degree and have the ability to work in the healthcare industry.

HIM professionals are in high demand right now. One of the key skills to have if you want to enter the field is information management; this is something we’re used to as web developers and site owners. In fact, the skills you have mastered over the years will make you a superb information specialist.

You can learn more about HIM and how you can enter this field from the Future of the HIM.

Professional infographic by

An infographic about the future of the health information management professional by the University of Cincinnati Health Information Management Program

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