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Adult Content Policy On Blogger - Blogger Policy

When i logged in my Blogger, i got notification On 23 March, Blogger will no longer allow certain ...

Free Download 54 Illustrated Flat Icons

Looking for illustrated flat icon?? You can download as free 54 illustrations flat icon from ManuDes...

How To Make Responsive Adsense Link Ad Unit

No like other type ad, Adsense link ad is not available in responsive size. To make responsive, we s...

Type And Functions Conditional Tag Code Blogger

Conditional tag code Blogger have a different type and function. New design of its...

Redesign Blog - Playing A CSS And Conditional Tag

Design template is one of important thing in a blog. And this is our new design with minimalist, nea...

Blog Customization Tips to Get Look Better

People surf through many different blogs everyday, but they look closely at only the excess. If your...

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